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I am a Software Engineer.

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Hello world and welcome to my website!

I received my B.S. at University of Michigan in Computer Science & Data Science and I will keep exploring my passion for research by entering a grad program. I love to find and solve problems using technology.

My academic interest lies in Distributed/Networked/Data-Intensive systems, my most recent research project is an implementation of a heterogeneous and parallelized traffic migration framework powered by our very own data driven framework! 

My professional experience ranges from end to end in software technology. I have extensive project and internship experiences from frontend to backend, though currently I am much into backend, that doesn’t stop from me from creating cool websites and visualizations!

I am a big fan of entrepreneurship. I founded ReactiveXYZ, a creative app and web development studio when I was in high school. I was also a former co-founder and CTO of Backyard Parking (was acquired and is now Parqyt). At the moment, I am preparing for my next venture!

I also love to share and learn through open-sourcing. I was an early contributor to the Laravel framework. I have been constantly releasing source codes of tools and past projects that I wrote on my Github. Most recently, I am working on open-sourcing and maintaining Recore, a novel frontend development framework I was heavily involved in during my internship at Alibaba, and various other tools related to distributed systems and SDN.

Besides a technologist, I am also a certified barista, a certified hunter, a semi-aussie, a traveller and a ukulele rookie.

Switzerland, Jan 2020



Jun – Sep 2020

Software Engineer intern

Databricks Runtime – Databricks, Inc

I am working in the Spark Environment team on streamlining the release and devops process for Databricks Runtime.

Jun – Aug 2019

Software Developer Intern

Core Services – Hulu, LLC.

I was working on a distributed in-memory caching system. I implemented pipelines to fetch more data sources, an introspection module for internal debugging, advanced memory controls and proposed designs requiring inter-team collaborations.

Apr – Jun 2019

Software Engineer Intern

Enterprise Intelligence – Alibaba Group

I was working on on a visual site development engine SDK, and a novel templating language; I led the refactoring of the visual engine’s prototype.


2021-2022 (Expected)

M.S./Ph.D in Computer Science


More research and teaching!

2016 – 2020

B.S. in Computer Science & Data Science

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

GPA: 3.77. Studied Operating System, Machine Learning, Database, Compiler, Networking, Security, Computer Vision etc. Researched Graph Mining, Security, Database and Networking with publications.

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