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Enthusiasm has always been driving me towards being a better programmer and entrepreneur since the very beginning.


Develop work of art, not work of dump by consistently striving for higher code standard and better software architecture.


Striving to pursue the purest passion and respect for technology, serving clients and making great products.

One side of me

I am a computer science student currently studying in University Of Michigan (GO Blue!). My academic interest focuses on Cognition and Computation, which branches out to AI and Machine Learning, especially Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning, as well as quite a bit of cognitive psychology.

My personal interest has remained in the area of Web and App development. I founded my freelancing studio ReactiveXYZ two years ago and have been helping clients making websites and mobile apps. If you want to know more …

The other side of me

Besides a technology evangelist, I am a casual music producer, specifically, composing and producing background tracks for Mandarin Chinese Pop Music. Though not skilled at all in all sorts of instruments (sadly), I am able to get around that with post-processing tools such as Adobe Audition and Logic Pro.

I am also a [very] casual ping-pong and badminton player just for leisure, and a [very-very] casual certified Michigan hunter (License on the way…).

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