Try out new things!

COVID-19 has forced me to stay home for perhaps the next 5 months 🙁 Besides daily research and other chores, I am going to pick up some skills!

  1. Learn a new language
    I have decided to pick French on Duolingo. Mostly because I was heavily embarrassed during my travel in France as a lot of people there don’t speak English well 🙁
    (unlike people in German or Switzerland, or even Italy, who can at least understand the words that are coming out of my mouth)
  2. Learn a new instrument
    I have decided to pick on Ukulele because 1) it is portable, 2) you can play tabs or sing along and 3) I can inherit some of my guitar experiences from couple of years ago (shame that I didn’t keep it going…)

By the time of writing, I have been practicing a little bit of both everyday and hopefully by end of this year, I would be somewhat an expert 🙂

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